Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Everyone has them. By the way.... this is my second thingy.

Well we all know that we have things we like to do. Whether it's collecting baseball cards to shopping. We all have one. My question is: What is your hobby, and why do you do it?
It's only fair that I post my hobby, so here goes:

I collect wallpapers. Weird right? It's the strangest thing, no matter what if I think that a wallpaper is nice I'll save it. My collection keeps expanding to the point where my wallpaper folder has actually reached 10GB's!! I'm not sure how it all started, but one day I was looking through google images and then saw this amazing Star Wars wallpaper. Next thing I know I'm hunting for star wars wallpapers and then one search led to another. 10GB's over 40,000 wallpapers and the funny thing is, I only use about 30 a month. Yet I keep saving more and more. Odd, right?

Tell me yours. I'd love to hear it.


  1. Wow 10GB of just wallpapers, nice collecting.

    I collect retro consoles and games, generally just go through phases of hoarding stuff. lol

  2. holy moly thats a lotta wallpaper

  3. Wow im only at like 500 Mbs of wallpaper :P

  4. Everyone needs a hobby. It's the ones that don't that scare me.

  5. share some of them with us please

  6. Nice collecting, man
    keep posting

  7. Wallpapers are, before all, just nice, sometimes beautiful, pictures, so having many is definitely a good thing to do, unless you're struggling for disk space. And it's good to have somehing distinctive as a hobby.